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Microsoft , PHP, and Open Source: A Pragmatic Alliance

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Microsoft has recently intensified its investment in interoperability with open source
technologies in a variety of ways, not least of which is its support of PHP in Windows
Server, the SQL Server database system, and other products such as the Expression
Web development tool. While Microsoft’s efforts are motivated by the desire to break
adoption barriers for its Windows platform, the company is building bridges to the
world of open source in a way that many of its customers and partners welcome.

Scripting languages such as Unix shells as well as the sophisticated Perl played an important role in the early evolution of the Internet, but a much simpler alternative, called PHP, eventually came to rule the genre as the key glue that binds many of the Internet’s new applications.

Microsoft was able to offer an alternative architecture from the early days with its Active Server Pages (ASP) technology, which later evolved to the more flexible and more complex ASP.NET. However, .NET is officially
supported only on Windows, and a great deal of the world’s Web serving runs on Linux and Unix, where PHP has become the de facto alternative. It was thus only a matter of time before Microsoft cast a bigger net to better support PHP and other open source technologies. The research into Microsoft’s efforts in this area has
revealed the following:

  • The latest release of Internet Information Services (IIS7) runs PHP faster and
    with more scale due to the implementation of a FastCGI gateway. This feature is
    also available as an add-on on IIS6.
  • A new Microsoft SQL Server driver for PHP is available to support more native
    features in the SQL Server database and to increase overall performance and
    reliability of PHP applications wishing to use SQL Server as the database.
  • PHP is competently supported by Expression Web 3, one of Microsoft’s offerings
    targeted at Web designers and developers.
  • Microsoft has begun to contribute to open source projects and to expand its
    ecosystem to open source communities that want to use non-Microsoft tools and
    frameworks that interoperate with the Microsoft Web platform.
  • Microsoft’s main play into cloud services with its Azure operating

What else have done Microsoft to interoperate with Open Source Technologies??


Written by mredison

August 6, 2009 at 3:25 am

Posted in Microsoft, Open Source

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  1. Hi Edison,
    Please allow me to respond to your question: “What else have done Microsoft to interoperate with Open Source Technologies?”
    There are quite a bit of projects in addition to the one you listed. I’d like to point out specifically Eclipse for Silverlight (, which is very cool.
    But the list doesn’t stop here, please check for more!

    JC Cimetiere

    August 6, 2009 at 9:26 pm

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